Dog Skijoring Kit 260cm with Backpack 25L

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Dog Skijoring Kit with 260 cm bungee line and Fjellpulken Xpack 25 liter Backpack

This package consists of our comfortable backpack + strong elastic leash + Quick Release Nylon band.

NB! Do not untie the knots on the elastic leash!

Fjellpulken Xpack 25L Xpack Backpack red/black

Strong  elastic leash 260 cm

Nylon band (quick release) with locking strap for leash (for attachment between bag and leash)

This package makes skijoring a hands free and enjoyable trip with your dog(s) in front of you. Comfortable backpack with a solid hip belt. D-rings for attachment of solid quick release and elastic band in solid quality with strong elasticity. The locking strap makes it easy to both remove and switch on the coupler. Suitable for running, hiking, skiing/skijoring.


Attach the carabins to the D-rings on both sides of the back pack.

Attach the hand loop to the coupler to the red locking strap in front of you.

Test release before going.

Additional information

Shipment weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 10 cm

Dog, Hiking with dog, Skiing with dog



Harness & Hauling shaft

Standard harness and hauling shaft


25 Liter volum


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