Fjellpulken Bunting Bag for Children’s Pulk

Keep your child warm in the pulk.


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Fjellpulken Bunting Bag for Children’s Pulk

Fjellpulken Children’s Bag for Children’s pulk is a warm, quilted bag of high quality. It is perfect for use in pulk, but can just as well be used in a baby stroller or as a sleeping bag. It is very comfy and is adjustable i length. It also has pre-marked areas for cutting through fabric, to use belt and harnesses attached in the children’s pulk.

Our bunting bag is designed with a hood on the top, for you to be able to attach it over the edge of the backrest in the pulk or the carrier. In this way you prevent the bag from sliding down, and the safety of the child is taken care of in the best possible way.

The lenght of the bunting bag is 120 cm.

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Shipment weight 2 kg



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