Fjellpulken Xlink Ski binding with skis

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Complete package with Xlink bindings and Madshus skis.

Fjellpulken X-link is a new concept from Fjellpulken and it will make your pulk slide easier than ever before! You can easily mount them on a classic Fjellpulken Children’s Pulk and just as easy remove them. No tools needed!

The reason why this product was developed was our comprehensive knowledge of the advantage with skis under the pulk. Our experience,  amongst others from the dog racing segment, has proven skis to slide much easier than the pulk itself. Skis will reduce friction and they are possible to prepare and to glide. But, in some situations you don’t need or want the ski on, as in special terrain and under transportation, and then the possibility to demount them quick and easy comes in handy.

The X-link system will provide a much smoother ride because of the skis ability to reduce the effect of bumps and attack the terrain in a better way. This will give a more comfortable ride for the child and together with the reduced effect of the cold from the snow it will also stay warmer.

X-link is to be mounted on a Fjellpulken Classic Children’s Pulk with black roll-over bars in plastic. If you have an older model with steel bars, you need to change these to the newer black ones. This is an easy operation which most people can do by themselves.

To ensure the stability of the pulk the skis will stay in a wide position outside of the track. This will not affect the glide.

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