Fjellpulken Comfort Pulk Harness

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Fjellpulken Comfort Pulk Harness

The Comfort harness  is an elaborate sledge/pulk harness. It has a well-padded three-part belt around the waist, as well as a cross strap with a relief cushion over the shoulder and neck area. The harness also has reinforcements at all exposed wear-and-tear points.

This harness is even more suitable for people in sizes medium and small, as it sits closer to the body. The inner measure is still 88cm/34 inches at the smallest, but because of the three-part-belt, it feels more comfortable.

In comparison, the Xpedition pro harness  is a one-part belt which for smaller persons can feel a bit stiff.

The shoulder straps and the crotch straps are both adjustable, and also possible to remove.

Additional information

Shipment weight 1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 13 × 5 cm


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