Fjellpulken Tyre Pulling Kit Comfort

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Fjellpulken Tyre Pulling Kit Comfort | Harness and Pulling Rope

The Comfort harness  is an elaborate sledge/pulk harness with a well-padded three-part belt around the waist, as well as a cross strap with a relief cushion over the shoulder and neck area. The harness also has reinforcements at all exposed wear-and-tear points.

This harness is even more suitable for people in sizes medium and small, as it sits closer to the body. The inner measure is still 88cm/34 inches at the smallest, but because of the three-part-belt, it feels more comfortable.

In comparison, the Xpedition pro harness  is a one-part belt which for smaller person can feel a bit stiff.
 The shoulder straps and the crotch straps are both adjustable, and also possible to remove.


Fjellpulken Pulling Rope

Rope system for effective workout with tyre pulling or for pulling a pulk. It is made of strong rope with secure knots and carabiner hooks for easy connection to the tyre/pulk and harness.

The product can be used with the Fjellpulken Standard Pulk harness or the Fjellpulken Xpedition Pro pulk harness. It can also be used with the hip packs and the backpacks from Fjellpulken.


Additional information

Shipment weight 1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 13 × 5 cm


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