Fjellpulken Tyre Pulling Kit

Quality gear for training with tyre. Great outdoor exercise and training.


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Fjellpulken Tyre Pulling Kit | Harness and Pulling Rope

Fjellpulken Standard Skier/Pulk  Harness

The Fjellpulken Standard Skier Harness is a solid harness designed for pulling a pulk. Ideal for shorter trips and lighter loads. This has been in service for many years, and is a firm favourite for back country pulk hauling or shorter expeditions on the ice.

It is produced with heavy duty nylon material and is equipped with comfortable padding around the waist. The shoulder straps are included, but can be removed, and are there to make sure the belt doesn’t sag too low on your hips – and they are also of great assistance when pulling the pulk upwards in steep terrain.

All buckles are of well known UTX/Flex and ITW Nexus quality and makes sure the belt feels comfortable and stays in place.


Fjellpulken Pulling Rope

Rope system for effective workout with tyre pulling or for pulling a pulk. It is made of  strong rope, with secure knots and carabiner hooks for easy connection to the tyre/pulk and harness.

The product can be used with the Fjellpulken Standard Pulk harness or the Fjellpulken Xpedition Pro pulk harness. It can also be used with the hip packs and the backpacks from Fjellpulken.

Additional information

Shipment weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 12 cm


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