What people ask

  • What pulk should I choose?

    To select the right kind of model for you- consider what the intended use for you will be.

    Are you young and light wheight, starting out for the first time? Choose one of our smaller Xcountry models. This will be a good match regarding packing and hauling weight.

    Are you looking for a versatile model for shorter or medium long trips? Go for the Xcountry 144, our best seller. This is a good size pulk – not too big, but big enough to grow with you when you expand your trips.

    Are you going away for weeks, or are you planning for more expeditions? Consider our PRO harnesses and the Xplorer models. These are bigger in size and reinforced to handle rougher use.

  • Can I use Fjellpulken harness and hauling shaft on other pulks?

    Yes, you can if you use our Hauling shaft attachments. These can be fitted with pop-nails (included) on any suitable surface. Then you can attach Fjellpulken hauling shaft and use our harness.

  • Is the pulk Waterproof?

    No, the pulks are not water proof, but water resistant. The fabric is made of durable Oxford Rip-Stop material with water repellant coating inside. However – you should always use Drybags or waterproof bags inside if you expect wet conditions.