Backpack and bag

Fjellpulken Xpack backpacks where from the start designed robust enough to pull pulks and sleds. Gradually, Fjellpulkens products like backpacks and bags have gained a wide range of users summer and winter. For family trips, car holidays, cabin trips, ski trips, bike rides, camping, and dog trekking. The backpacks are known for a comfortable and solid harness system for winter adventures or use for tyre training.

The large Packbags are made of light but solid Rip-Stop material to be placed in our expedition sled Transporter 155, but can be used for all sorts of stuff with its large volume and load capacity from 155 to 250 liters! You can use the Packbags in the back of your car or in the roof box. This product category has also been expanded with waterproof products such as DRYbag packing bags and DRYpack waterproof backpack.