Pulk and sled

Fjellpulken is the market’s leading pulk and sled manufacturer, with a wide range of models. Here you will find children’s pulk, touring pulks, expedition pulks, transport and kite pulk. All our pulks are produced in high quality materials and Rip-stop fabric. Buckles and straps are in top quality. Over the years, well over 100,000 children’s pulks and tens of thousands of touring and expedition pulks have been sold. Fjellpulken has been a faithful companion to the South Pole, the North Pole, across Greenland and many other places. For Fjellpulken it has always been the highest priority to make products that are at the very top of safety and quality. This applies to all our products, regardless of whether it is a children’s pulk for taking good care of small children on a ski trip, or an expedition pulk that is to get people safely through the ice.