Children's Pulk

Fjellpulken Classic Children’s Pulk is the bestseller on the market. Quality, safety and comfort is what have made this a test winner and the good and safe choice for parents of young children. It has a wide fine hull with a low center of gravity which makes it more rollover-proof and directionally stable. The child pulk has an adjustable backrest and windscreen with a UV filter. A cover can be attached over the windscreen so that the child is completely protected from wind and weather. The windscreen also creates a compartment around the child so that if you are unlucky and get a rollover, the child is well protected. The cover has zippers with openings both behind and in front to put in things you have to take with you. The child pulk is used together with a harness and folding shaft, and a warm childrens’ bag. There are accessories such as a transport bag and a rich selection of spare parts for Fjellpulken Classic Child Pulk to secure many years of use.